Celebrate Engineers Week

As with so many other professions and great causes, this week we celebrate Engineers Week.  I’m not a big supporter of special celebrations and I think Hallmark has much too strong of a marketing department.  I will say that February does find me thinking and doing something special for my Valentine.

Engineers call for a different type of celebration.  We do so many things to improve the quality of life and we accept graciously that we are not the stars of media or society in general.  We are happy to sit back, do our jobs, and quietly know that we make a difference.  Maybe that lack of outreach has contributed to the decline of our infrastructure.  Sometimes the bureaucracy of our daily work tasks makes it hard to see that we are an honorable learned profession and that we have a responsibility to grow and better serve our clients and mankind.

This year I was disappointed to not be able to attend the Lehigh Valley’s Engineers Banquet.  I can remember being involved with the planning of the event for many years and have been honored by my peers with awards.  To those who continue to work hard for their profession, this week is a proud tribute and I thank them for their contributions.

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