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Expert Witness services

What is it?

An expert witness is defined as an individual with knowledge beyond that of the ordinary layperson. As such, this enables him/her to give testimony (in legal proceedings) regarding an issue that requires special skill or knowledge to understand. Experts are qualified according to many factors. These factors may include the years they have practiced in their respective field and work experience related to a case. Additionally, this may include certifications, licensing, training, education, awards, published works, and peer recognition.

Benchmark has highly qualified professionals. Because of this, attorneys often request that we act in the capacity of experts. As leaders in the civil engineering field, we have developed a reputation for competency, professionalism, and integrity. As a result of these traits, along with other factors, the trusted staff at Benchmark, have been qualified, by various courts as experts in their fields.

Our Licensed, Certified & Specialty

Areas of Expertise

Benchmark’s experts have testified and worked on litigation matters related to many topics. Some of the areas of expertise include:

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